Celebration of our Earth!

September 18, 2014

I admire people who stand, metaphorically speaking, at the edge of a vast desert and can not only imagine but also fulfill their vision of  that desert being transformed into a bustling city. Celebrating such people and events that changed our world for better is one of Platt missions! We … read more »


Celebration of D-Day

September 17, 2014

One of the twenty seven cemeteries in Normandy is an American one,  overlooking the English Channel and Omaha Beach. You will find  9, 300 tombstones each belonging to one US serviceman who died on European soil to help liberate her.  Today those  American veterans who remember Omaha Beach as their … read more »


Celebrate Spring

August 8, 2014

I love the metaphor dubbing SPRING as a fresh beginning, as an advent of times of colorful blooms and happy sunshines. It is invigorating! From March 20 to June 20 the earth is awaking from the winter mood into the full swing of hot and long days of summer. Well, … read more »


Candy Chang and her Inspiration

March 11, 2014

I admire every project Candy Chang conceives, I can take each of her project for my own in a sense that they make a perfect sense to me. Like to encourage people to put stickers on abandoned downtown storefront  with wish what should be there. Like put signs on our … read more »


Valentines Day

March 6, 2014

All we need is love. love! Never miss an opportunity to celebrate love and everything that is related to it  - like kindness! And so we put heart shape hand made cups and red heart paper decoration all over the yard, we put on red hats, love music, brew good … read more »


We Love and Admire Getty Museum!

…and it never fails! Over the years I have taken to the Getty Museum several hundreds students and it never failed to astonish all with the first gaze upon the magnificent building. First – the fun one mile ride by the tram and before you know it you are surrounded … read more »



This is the time to wear to school  a long skirt, loose hair with headband and a flower behind your ear!  We are  celebrating the spirit of the Sixties in the hippie style! We devoted our January celebration to the icons of the Sixties out of which we chose Martin … read more »


Seventh Annual Winter Art Gala

January 6, 2014

Seventh Annual! It is just fine to say now that our Winter Art Festivities, that started as a humble event  seven years ago, has  spontaneously taken off and became a tradition; perhaps even a pleasant milestone in the busy holiday season or an evening ushering Platt family into the magic … read more »


Imagination and Craftsmanship at its Bes...

November 28, 2013

Costume party and competition!! What a ride we had at Platt when over seventy costumes paraded into our spooky courtyard. I can only say “wow” to the imagination, craftsmanship, fantastic ideas and acting abilities of our students and staff. Here in the gallery below it is laid out for you … read more »


Creativity is a Fine Choice to Make Life...

  Creativity knows no limits if you offer an opportunity to show all of its abilities, intricacies and subtlety. There are endless opportunities to be creative: From your breakfast including colors and shapes pleasingly laid out on a plate, to your outfit of a day, to your  decoration of your … read more »