Join us to Vienna, Budapest, Krakow and ...

June 20, 2012


Platt College is to launch on the Sixth Annual Trip Abroad and this year to the corner of the world I know well: Eastern Europe. We will see the royal beauty of Vienna, the metropolitan, grand boulevards‘ city of Budapest, the picturesque Krakow and a place that has been declared by many as one of the most beautiful cities in the world – the magical Prague.

Click on the booklet below and read about the exotic rich culture of the selected European towns we will visit. Your journey will offer not only joy for your soul, but you will also catch a scent of a good (Vienese) coffee, a great (Hungarian) goulash, delicious (Polish) sausage and the best (Czech) bread and much more!

I hope that if  you join us, you will have a memorable journey that will leave you transformed and with a desire to travel more! For more info pelase contact Marketa at





After the 11 day trip we offer a 5 DAY EXTENSION in the Czech Republic.  The program for the extension:

1.    DAY  – Prague (at that point we are already in Prague 3.5 days)

2.    DAY  – Telč – one of the most picturesque town in Europe. Renaissance beauty under the World Heritage mark. Bike ride, visit of castle, old city, chateau, underground halls.

3.    DAY  – Slavonice – another beautiful Renaissance town and gorgeous countryside.

4.    DAY  – Prague – a castle Karlštejn (a beautiful 20 minute train ride to Prague’s outskirts to see one of the oldest and fully preserved 14. century castle.)

5.    DAY - Prague, departure home.

PRICE: The extension will cost close to $300 (included are 5 nights accommodation, entrances to the attraction,  transportation to Telc, Slavonice, Karlstejn, two dinners and breakfasts.)

Click here for the informative brochure:  2012 Trip Abroad Brochure