Logo Contest Winners Announced!

November 17, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009 was a very touching day. It was the day of the announcement of the winners of the Velvet Revolution logos. The logos were to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the fall of communism (I am sorry, I cannot capitalize communism) in Czechoslovakia.  It was also to celebrate the peaceful way that the demonstrators chose to attain the desired goal: to make the communist  forfeit their power.

I was touched by all of the designs.  The sincere effort of all Platt participants to do justice to such an important event is very evident. I feel that all of the students understood well what the Revolution was about: a peaceful happening shaped by  unshakable hope, incredible  patience, and a clear vision of the goal. That November twenty years ago, we simply stuck together as one body with one soul that had 14 million hearts believing that we deserve better. And that remarkable bond keeping us in freedom-wanted-euphoria made us win.

The designs are beautiful, touching and sophisticated.  All convey lots of hard work and  incredible understanding. Many of the participants are as old as the anniversary figure is, and the event must be very remote to these young free American students.  In spite of that – the way how all embraced the occasion is moving and admirable. Thank you, my students, thank you.

Thank you also to those who took the time and wrote me an essay or description of the journey leading to the final designs.

As you know,  none of us at school judged the work – the jury was independent. Here comes an open letter to all of the participants and the winners:

We are impressed by the capacity of Platt students’ ability and talents. Out of 43 submitted logos almost each contestant presented a very strong design, each bearing explainable philosophy behind it. Thank you for the opportunity, thank you for the inspiration. Platt students are on our list as very capable, diligent and talented graphic students.

The third place was chosen for its creative simple design expressing the chosen peaceful and kind manner of the demonstrators.

It was difficult decision between the first and second place. Both logos work well: both are compact, well balanced, reproducible, and readable. Both are clever in their own way. None of the design will loose any detail if printed small. Both designs suggest an actual place not only by the caption “Velvet Revolution” but also by using the colors of the Czech flag. Both of the logos are simple yet containing enough information about the event: perseverance and patience. Both also convey the peaceful fashion of the Revolution.

The decisive moment came when a question was posed which of the designs struck more emotions. There was a unanimous concession of the winning logo.

The winning logo conveys clearly, in somewhat Eastern European design fashion, the essence of the Revolution: support and strength along with a juxtaposition of a flower next to the conventional imagined tool for revolution – a weapon.

The Czech word for freedom SVOBODA as a caption is clever and its font perfect: not too bold not too refined. It is simple font that comes naturally as freedom should come to all of us.


Honorable Entries