Platt European Adventure 2012, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic!














Our grand exploration of Central and Eastern Europe has concluded and we loved every minute of it! I  think we all came back  happy and transformed and I am trying to hold on to this heightened feelings of “I love the whole world and everyone in it”! We all felt so intensely how lucky we are to be traveling! Just imagine the beauties we saw: Vienna, Austria; Bratislava, Slovakia; Budapest, Hungary; Krakow, Poland; Český Krumlov and Prague, the Czech Republic! Nothing gives me more insight about our life and its beauties (and tragedies) than traveling. I love to walk the history and art history hand in hand with my students pointing the curves of Baroque churches, artsy stuccos on Renaissance palaces or spooky gargoyles of Gothic towers… I love to bring up historical points of interest as the more you live it, walk it, feel it, the more sense our past makes and inspires…

Vienna offered its royal grandeur at Schonbrunne and RingStrasse, Budapest was at its best by the Parliament and the Fishermen’s Bastion, we loved to soak in the elegant (gorgeous!) Turkish bath, Krakow swept us from our feet by its impressive beauty, its welcoming people, its Vinci’s Madame with Ermine, its Wavell Hill, its biggest square in Europe all built in Renaissance, Bratislava charmed us by its cozy historical downtown and its (for my students) exotic shepherds’ favorite meal halušky, Prague was found as a beautiful medieval jewel, intact for 600 years beautiful as ever…I was SO HAPPY I can show off places I know so well and love so much. Český Krumlov was a true surprise as a unique unchanged town since 16th century , devoid from any commercial agressivity, beautiful as you cannot even imagine.

And we did it all: tried all kinds of local dishes, and local sodas and beers, heard local music, went to opera, were taken back by emotions in Auschwitz, rode a boat on Danube and Vltava, went to sweet shops, saw gorgeous castles, churches, museums, gardens, monasteries, cemeteries….it was FABULOUS, FABULOUS, FABULOUS inspiring, moving, fun, fun, fun and we became such a great united non-problematic group of happy Platt travelers, travelers of the world! Thank you my colleagues, students and guests for being brave, curious, fun, pleasant and always smiling Platt group on the road!