Platt Party at Bar Basic

September 28, 2009

Bar basic Lyla and I

This is the scene you experience any given Tuesday when Bar Basic features its “Art on Tuesday”: Great looking pleasant sheek bar, catchy yet unobtrusive music, inspiring art on the walls, great jewelry for sale, artists demonstrating their leap of imagination on a canvas, some artist taking  portraits for modest tip of anyone from the (urban) great looking crowd  … Then, tasty pizza, fancy drink or great selection of beers and (!!) mineral waters.

Platt College students and teachers created majority of that handsome crowd on Tuesday evening. The main gallery had fine art, photography and digital art created by Platt students. It was an excellent show of diverse talents and inspiring stories that the art conveyed. About sixty students and their guests showed up during the evening and what a joy it was for me to see everyone relaxed, happy and in a great mood!There is a valid reason to be happy: Graduation!  I hope that Platt studies gave everyone not only a solid foundation for software programs but mainly an understanding of creative process,  distinguishing between unique and cliche,  the importance of a strong  “story” without which any art cannot attract serious attention.

I wish the art our students will create (no matter if it is a flyer for water conservation, CD cover, annual report, film, web site  or animation) will show sophistication and will inspire people “to care”.

In order to do that we need to seek an inspiration.   Inspiration is everywhere!  One may be inspired by a  cashier who happens to be kind,  caring, fun and does more than is expected!!

Each of us have a certain talent and each of us have the power to inspire. The only prerequisite is hard work, strong will, widely open eyes, attentive ears and open heart.  Let us stay attune to a quest for inspiration.

I am looking forward, my students, to your journey in the vast wide world. I hope  that none of you will get lost and all of you will keep sanity by recognizing daily the beauty of our world already enriched by your art and stories.