Third Annual Winter Art Festivities 2009

December 15, 2009


Thank you Platt College friends!! Our third annual Winter Art Festivities was a success thanks to our  students, faculty, staff and our loyal guests. No one seems to mind unusually wet weather and an unexpected  number of guests came on a very rainy Friday, December 11 to our beautifully decorated campus to celebrate (outside!) art, life, and the festive spirit of December holiday. Our campus boasted with excellent students’ and teachers’ art works that demonstrated  how the leap of imagination can be turned into a beautiful, inspirational, tangible piece of art work that warms your heart, makes you think or wants you to pick up the brushes and create!  The art work  I have seen this year  has resonated with me since then…Many  left enriched of someones’ world of  fantasy and imagination.

Everything was wonderful: Our rich and very elegant raffle, artistically arranged food, delicately painted faces, digital caricatures per order, handsome crowd in which faculty and staff mingled in red hats so everyone could recognize the proud hosts… Presentations of animation and video departments seemed to steal the show! Next to the highly inspirational art all of the guests enjoyed a wide range of Platt students’ talent: Students’ films, excellent original poetry,  urban dance, guitar players, three students’ bands – it was almost hard to believe that so much talent comes from one modest  school!! I was so proud! It touched my heart to see how everyone came to share what he/she knows to contribute to Platt spirit that was so much present in the air.

The precedent was to work hard so we can enjoy later the fruit of the effort. And we all did: Knowing that together we can not only show the world what we are capable of but also prove that we are a wonderful team. And we are. Thank you all who were involved! You made happy many who came and left inspired or touched in any way.

And the wishes  for the next year?

We took as our motto  John Lennon’s song “Imagine”: Imagine all the people/ living life in peace…

So we wished for peace, freedom, joy, happiness, goodwill, recognition of beauty of diversity, and a happy life without any limits. “No more walls”, we wished, not in the middle of Berlin or anywhere else where a beautiful world of dazzling colors is separated from the drab black and white world… We want freedom for all no matter how cliche such a wish may sound.

The best for all of you! Much of inspiration, adventure and well recognized opportunities. Happy holidays!